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Labora provides a simple and digital payroll service to farm owners enabling their seasonal agricultural workers to transfer remittances back home. A better solution for farm owners and workers.

Farm Owners

  • Save time and money by doing your payroll transfer with just one click at no cost
  • Reduce your administrative work by accessing workers’ information in one place
  • Increase productivity through a variety of online reporting formats


  • Safe and convenient! No need to travel to a physical bank.
  • Online access to T4, tax returns, remittances, CPP contributions and Record of Employment
  • Streamline tax return submissions

International Transfer Process
With Labora

  • Farm owner transfers the worker's pay to Labora

  • Labora directly deposits money into the beneficiary's bank account

International Transfer Process
Without Labora

  • Farm owner gives a cheque to the worker

  • Worker cashes cheque at the bank

  • Workers take money to a money transfer institute

  • Beneficiary travels to the money institute for pickup

  • Beneficiary deposits the money at the bank

Advantages of using Labora

Electronic Payroll

Digital payroll remittance system modernizes the existing inefficient system and simplifies accounting and record keeping

Cost Effectiveness

Labora's alliances ensure low-cost transfers to worker's beneficiary's account


Labora facilitates collection and archiving for filling tax returns

Tax Returns

Accurate, efficient and hassle-free tax filling that will save time and money

Security & Convenience

Direct deposit to Mexican bank accounts using online messaging service in Spanish

Employee Satisfaction

Attract and retain highly skilled workers with Labora's wrap-around services

Our Mission

Labora’s mission is to enhance the Canadian agriculture ecosystem by helping farm owners securely and easily pay their agricultural workers and benefit from the streamlined money transfer process from Canada to Mexico. Further simplifying the administrative process, Labora assists workers by filling their tax returns and provides online services to farm owners and workers to keep their information up to date at no cost.

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Prizes & Awards

  • 2019 Prize Winner2019 Prize Winner
  • Emerging RocketEmerging Rocket
  • 2020 Prize Winner2020 Prize Winner
  • Labora DocumentLabora Document
  • Telus FinalistTelus Finalist